Celebrate special occasions at Cabelen from simple family get-togethers to business meetings. Memories are made at Cabalen as every member of family could enjoy over 50 dishes from appetizers to desserts. Guests enjoy our famous Kare-Kare complemented by our very own Bagoong and Kapampangan favorites: Sizzling Sisig, Beringhe and Gatang Kuhol among others. To complete the Cabalen experience, whip up your very own Halo-Halo in our halo-halo bar. Other sweet endings include the signature dessert Tibok-Tibok, Minatamis na Saguin and kid’s favorite chocolate fondue.

All Cabalen branches accept function reservations ideal for:

Wedding ∙ Anniversary ∙ Kiddie Party ∙ Debut ∙Christening ∙ Business Meetings

For inquiries you may call your preffered Cabalen Branch or email

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