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CAbalen Para sa kabataan

     Cabalen para SA Kabataan renovated recently the Arinai Day care Center in Taytay, Rizal, giving it a new concrete floors, double walls, book shelves, cabinets, desks, chairs, curtains, electric fans and learning materials.

Cabalen Para sa Kabataan at Arinai Day Care Center

     The Cabalen family, composed of Maritel Nievera, her children and staff, held a story-telling session to encourage the children to read and learn. With Mayor Joric in attendance, they also distributed assorted toiletries to promote good health and hygiene, plus packed meals that the children shared with their parents.


     The annual outreach started in 1994 as a way for Cabalen restaurant chain to give back to the community a portion of its income. Every December, as part of its celebration of the Christmas season, Cabalen sets aside a percentage of every centavo earned during the month. A gift-giving is then held in the love month of February.

     Past beneficiaries include the province of Pampanga, Malabon, Pasig City and Bgy Marilag in Project 4 Quezon City.

  • 2010 - Taytay, Rizal
  • 2009 - Pampanga, Mansgold
  • 2008 - Bgy. Marilag, Project 4, Quezon City
  • 2007 - Taytay, Rizal
  • 2006 - Project 4, Quezon City
  • 2005 - Pasig City
  • 2004 - Pasig City
  • 2003 - Pampanga
  • 2002 - Pampanga
  • 2001 - Malabon
  • 2000 - Malabon

Year 2004 – Cabalen shared its blessings at PASIG CITY. Cabalen distributed food and donated two computer sets with printer and a copier.

Year 2007 – Cabalen para sa Kabataan goes to Taytay Rizal. A day of fun and sharing as day care center children shows off their bags of school supplies and goodies.

Year 2008 – Cabalen’s Gift of Knowledge. Eat at Cabalen , help a student campaign have been the campaign of Cabalen restuarnt for the past 24 years now.

Year 2009 – Cabalen gives back to its roots in San Fernando Pampanga. In cooperation with the Rotray Club San Fernando, Cabalen was able to donate books, computer set and renovated its classroom and library.

Year 2010 – Because they care! Cabalen para sa kabataan renovated the Arinai Day Care Center in Taytay Rizal, giving it a new concrete floor, double walls, book shelves, cabinets, desks, chairs, curtains,electric fans and learning materials.

Cabalen Para sa Kabataan