Cabalen Franchising System


Franchise Benefits

  1. Use of the CABALEN business name & trademark
  2. Franchisee can be assured of credibility of the brand name and recognition
  3. Use of the CABALEN business system
  4. Franchisee has a good opportunity for a profitable business venture
  5. Shall have high quality Menu and Food Service
  6. Shall be assisted in site selection and assessment
  7. Shall be given proper training for key personnel and staff
  8. Will be provided Quality Control methods
  9. Will be provided with Marketing & Promotional Assistance
  10. Shall be given assistance on Pre-opening, Grand Opening and Post Opening


Cabalen Franchise Process

  1. Submit a letter of intent, application form, and vicinity map or mall offer sheet of the proposed location.
  2. Once completed, the Business Development team will meet the applicant to further discuss the application and the proposed location.
  3. The applicant shall sign a Memorandum of Agreement and pay the Reservation Fee equivalent to 10% of the Franchise Fee, deductible from the Franchise Fee but non-refundable if the applicant does not pursue the application. Site inspection will be done afterward.
  4. After the site inspection, there will be a site assessment and feasibility study. If the location is approved, signing of the Franchise Agreement will immediately follow. 
  5. Upon signing the Franchise Agreement, the franchisee will then be entitled to the franchise benefits and shall be assisted in setting-up the CABALEN restaurant.


Franchise Qualifications


A franchisee should have a successful professional/business track record, not necessarily in the food business; and must have a strong will to succeed.

Hands-on management is preferred, though not a requirement. Local residents are preferred for locations outside Metro Manila. A strong background in people management is important.

Brand Support


To ensure every franchisee’s success, a CABALEN Franchise store shall receive the following support:


Operating Manuals

  • Operations Manual
  • Standard Recipe Manual
  • Official Cabalen Forms Used in Operations
  • Food Safety Manual


Training and Development


Franchisee can deploy key positions and will be trained under a Cabalen facility for sixty (60) to ninety (90) days depending on the position. Cabalen will assign an opening team to train and assist the franchise outlet’ s employees in the opening of the restaurant.


Auditing and Support Team


To ensure financial profitability and the franchise store’s compliance with set standards, processes and procedures, our audit team frequently conducts unannounced audits. This covers several aspects of operations like inventory management system, floor control compliance, facility maintenance, food safety practices, kitchen operations, etc. We also have quarterly business performance review presided by our Management Team. We will also guide the franchise management team on their financial performance.


Marketing and Advertising


Our Marketing and Advertising team continuously develops national and local store promotions, partnerships, and co-branding activities to support the franchise outlet. Our team will assist the franchise store in establishing market demographics and information dissemination tools during and after opening.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much investment is needed?

Investment ranges from P15M to P17M depending on the area.


2. What is the floor area requirement?

Required floor area is 200 to 230 sqm.


3. How much is the franchise fee and how long is the franchise term?

Franchise fee is P 1,500,000 for a 5 year franchise term. Renewal fee shall be based on the prevailing rate


4. How much is the royalty fee?

Royalty fee is computed at 5% of Gross Sales.


5. How much is the advertising fee?

Advertising fees will be 2% of Gross Sales for National Marketing Campaigns.


6. Who looks for the location??

The franchisee may propose for a site location with an initial market study or he/she may see the prospective sites in the company ‘s pipeline.


7. Is there a standard store design

Yes, standard store design, layout, equipment and facilities will be followed.


8. Does Cabalen have standard control systems and business aids?

Yes, Cabalen has a set of controllable forms for inventory, petty cash, sales monitoring, progress report and other procedures that are vital in efficient restaurant operation. A franchisee will also receive marketing collaterals based on the systemwide promos to help promote the business within the vicinity.


9. Who decides on the buffet pricing?

There will be one standard price for All-Filipino buffet.


10. How long will it take to open the restaurant?

Timetable depends on several factors including assessment and negotiation of prospective site, and other requirements. Training and store construction may be completed within 60 to 90 days.